1. Energy saving electric appliances: The School of Law requires all electric appliances with 5-star energy saving standard.
  2. Environmental protection policy at electric the School of Law: Air-conditioners can be allowed from 9.00 to 11h30 and 13h30 to 16h30 at 25o Lights and computers must be turn off during lunch break and during periods with no one in the office or no one in use.

Waste management: Walailak university adopts policy to reduce the use of paper and plastic at the School of Political Sciences and Law.

1.1 Our e-document DOMS system enables our school to send and receive documents in electronic forms to reduce the use of papers

1.2 The use of E-Car system for booking delivery service also helps reduce use of papers

1.3 Paperless policy, both side printing requirement,

1.4 and the use of cloth made bag

5.1 The average number of bicycles used in our school includes:

  • Private owned: 2

5.2 Initiative to reduce private vehicles:

  • Campaigns for public transport: one route on
  • Campaigns for electric vehicles for travelling in university campus.
  • Policy for promoting the use of bicycles and walking in university campus.



6.1 Introduction of environment and sustainability rated subjects: The school introduces environment and sustainability rated subjects including LAW-306 Environmental Law and natural resource management.

6.2 Student unions and students’ activities about environment

  1. Our lecturers and staff joined tree growing activities held by the university
  2. Law Volunteer Camping program is introduced with mangrove tree growing activities as well as providing information about law knowledge at Ban Sra Bua masjit with the participation of 3 lecturers and students.