Message from the Dean

“Ubi societas, ibi jus” is a Latin proverb that means “Where there is society, There is a law.” Of course, when humans are permanently grouped together, there must be rules that are followed in that society, with the role of determining people’s rights, duties, and liability to society in almost every activity. This is done so that humans can coexist peacefully. These rules are what we call the “law”. The science of law and justice is known as “law.” According to the aspect studied, legal science can be divided into several fields such as legal science proper, legal science of facts, legal science of values, and when considered in conjunction with the current situation that is currently in economic and social development changes arising from the use of digital technology (Digital Disruption), as well as rapidly changing problems and impacts on human security. As a result, the law is increasingly playing a role in almost every aspect of Thai society, both in terms of the emergence of government organizations and the people’s monitoring of the work of government organizations. Moreover, in terms of people’s rights, duties, and, responsibilities, society expects lawyers to play a very high level of knowledge, skills, and, morality. Therefore, the creation of lawyers with knowledge and expertise coupled with morality can go out and perform their duties to create awareness among the public that “Justice does exist”, which is considered the heart of the producers of the Bachelor of Laws, which is the main duty of the School of Law, Walailak University to continue. Furthermore, the development of School of Law graduates Government agencies, lawyers’ offices, courts of justice, universities, law firms, prosecutor’s offices, and other legal organizations in the workplace, among others, still require development to meet the needs of graduate users. As a result, the School of Law is accelerating its efforts to produce graduates with legal knowledge and expertise, as well as English and technology skills. To be useful in a variety of jobs, particularly legal skills and specific skills required for operations such as writing and speaking, personality and graduates must be prepared to be individuals with a positive attitude. In practice, before graduating, be able to work well with others and have a public mind in order to go out as graduates who contribute to society and future generations. In terms of organisation development, the school will drive along with personnel development by encouraging personnel to develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities in terms of body of knowledge, teaching skills, and academic work as part of supporting the university. Research at the forefront of the world (Global and Frontier Research) to increase the number of highly qualified teachers by focusing on recruiting those who meet the criteria set by the university with the ability to use English and have the potential to produce academic results as well as having morals, ethics, and sacrifice towards the organisation including inviting people who have experience in the use of law such as judges of the Supreme Court, judges in provincial courts, judges from the administrative courts, prosecutors, as well as legal experts from the private sector as part-time professors ensuring that the students of the school of law will be academically brilliant graduates and adept at following the educational philosophy of Walailak University and capable of completing work of high quality. In addition, students of the School of Law will develop their English language skills. There are references to English law texts, articles, and other content inserted throughout the course of study. Combined with the teaching method Active Learning according to the UKPSF standards used by Walailak University will help encourage learners and teachers to have joint learning activities and promote critical thinking, synthesis of Students in every year, which will inevitably give students the confidence to seek additional knowledge on their own in order to become quality graduates with knowledge in both theory and practice, who will be knowledgeable graduates which can be an important resource of the nation. And I would like to remind all the students at the School of Law that the preliminary that study of law must be prepared in all aspects to step into the work that is responsible for A society that relies on and assists people in society in obtaining justice both as a keeper and a law enforcement person, as well as someone who must persuade people that justice still exists. As a result, it must be aware of its own roles and develop its minds to be strong, respected, and honored by the rights of others by researching, studying, and reading books to add to their own knowledge all the time in order to keep up with the fast-changing situation, requiring the ability to think more developed and creatively, with teachers guiding and asking questions on the issues studied, and who can express their opinions without fear of losing face. To think, students must be assertive and courageous and dare to make decisions and be different while adhering to rules and being humble, with a positive, rational, and unbiased outlook, including consciously understanding and accepting the changing situation. If you must do something different from others, you must ensure that when you do it, it will benefit yourself and society. Assertiveness and diligence in self-learning are subject skills that all students must possess. They must also practice analysing problems using the principles of law and rationality, as well as exercising discretion without prejudice, and developing legal writing skills by primarily studying examples from court rulings or Supreme Court judgments. They must also be able to distinguish facts and think analytically based on evidence without prejudice or emotion. Furthermore, students must develop their personalities and maintain a proper demeanor while adhering to a clear morality and ideology. Most important, do not forget that in order to be a good lawyer with quality, you must be dependent on society. Students are expected to develop other skills such as foreign languages, logical thinking, knowledge of science & technology, and an endless pursuit of new knowledge. Walailak University School of Law sincerely hopes that all faculty, students, and staff will enjoy working and living in this university and will be prepared in all aspects, as well as maintain a good mental health, have abilities and knowledge, be strong, and be ready to lead the organisation toward its goals, which include developing the organisation’s work and power to become a good governance organisation, a learning centre, a local staple, and international excellence to make people accept that Walailak University Law is an institution that creates and produces graduates in law to continue to provide justice to society.

Associate Professor Doctor Charun Bunyakan

Act in place of Dean